Artist Statement:

My artwork is an extension of my curiosity and wonderment with nature and the world. I seek to live each day in praise of, gratitude for and communion with the blessings of creation. I look for the beauty of each moment — the big and small.

My illustrations, which combine painting and drawing, are like candid snapshots of such moments. They are gestural and expressive attempts to capture fleeting scenes and sentiments. I rely on the colors, light and organic lines to convey the feeling of the subject at hand.

By contrast, my watercolor and acrylic paintings are like formal portraits. They are long meditative studies that celebrate the intriguing beauty of ordinary things like tree bark, quilts, and barren twigs in winter.

The pace and complexity of my work changes in conjunction with the seasons. I speed up in the frenzy of spring, when things are bursting into life. Many of my illustrations are done in spring and summer, as I try to catalog all the living things as they unfold in real time. In the fall and winter, as nature becomes dormant, I slow down and focus on the more intensive, meditative paintings that take more time to complete.

A lot of my imagery is drawn from my vivid memories from a childhood spent creating, traveling with family, and playing outdoors. My work is also greatly influenced by the stories and traditions of my parents, grandparents, and all of my farmer ancestors who came from Germany and Scandinavia to settle on the Minnesota prairie. Themes include the changing seasons, nature, folk art, and people living in stewardship with the land.

I create art so that I can share my joy and wonder. My works are an invitation to others to join me in forsaking the dominant culture of bored cynicism and instead embrace the contentment of living a simple, eyes-wide-open life.


Jacque Oman Clinton began making art before learning to walk, when she sat in her highchair with a ballpoint pen, drawing tiny circles on a wooden table. She has been making art ever since. She graduated from Carleton College in 2011 with a degree in Studio Art. Since graduating, she has worked as a professional fine artist and illustrator. She sells work in fairs and online, and her work has been featured in galleries and shows in New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Minnesota, including the Groveland Gallery in Minneapolis. In addition to creating and selling her original watercolor and acrylic paintings and illustrations, she also paints commissioned pieces for clients throughout the country and has illustrated several children’s books. Her colorful work is an expression of her curiosity and wonder for nature, human traditions, nostalgia, and the changing seasons.