I am a full time artist and illustrator living in Massachusetts with my husband and two cats. I work with ink and watercolor to create expressive, free form illustrations of the simple pleasures that unfold in life throughout the seasons. My illustrations have a nostalgic and sentimental quality that touch the hearts of many, young and old. I also work in acrylic and watercolor to create luminous, detailed fine art paintings that celebrate the hidden beauty of “the little things” I see in nature and in day-to-day life -- the little things that capture my attention and fill me with wonder and delight. I am interested in the ways everyday objects become meaningful to us when we give them our attention and let them tell their story. Creating art – whether it be illustrations, surface pattern designs, or fine art paintings and drawings – is a way for me to catalogue the visual vocabulary of our lives and to explore the meaning we attribute to the everyday objects we choose to surround ourselves with.

My watercolor pieces tend to focus on the intricate details of nature’s little things. I look for the layers of beauty that are easy to overlook in such seemingly simple items. The process of observing my subjects and slowly building up layers of translucent color requires me to be patient and mindful. It is a meditative experience that connects me to the joy of being present in the world, as it is.

I also work in acrylic to investigate how nostalgia and narrative affect our perception of everyday objects and scenes. I am interested in the backstories of objects we find meaningful– how these items become vested with significance and how that story alters our vision.

I come from a family of farmers and creative people, and grew up making art, learning about nature, and spending as much time outdoors as possible. I enjoyed summer vacations on my grandma’s farm in Minnesota, where I came to appreciate the beauty and significance of “the little things”. My work is deeply rooted in my nostalgia for the simplicity and wonderment that moved me so much as a child.

In addition to selling prints and originals on Etsy, I do commissioned paintings for clients throughout the country. I also illustrate children’s books, design and create custom wedding stationary/greeting cards, and create surface pattern designs for fabric and other printed goods. My work has shown in galleries in Minnesota, New Jersey, and Massachusetts. For inquiries about commissions or illustration projects, please e-mail me at jacqueoman@gmail.com.