Oktoberfest is Over, But Beer is Good All Year! A Print and a Poem

Yes, technically speaking, Oktoberfest ended several weeks ago. But whatever, the memory lives on, and so do pretzels and beer!


I made this illustration during the actual season of Oktoberfest because German food was on my mind. To my surprise, folks started requesting that I turn it into a print. So I did, and now it's available for purchase in my Etsy shop! Prost!

(Click image to visit my Etsy shop)

(Click image to visit my Etsy shop)

I also have a little secret to share with you. Sometimes, I pretend I'm a writer and write sloppy poems that no one ever reads. Here's one to go with this illustration. Enjoy! (Or don't)

A Pretzel in the Rain

Block by block
Throughout Manhattan
Carts wafted the smell of pretzels
And boiled dogs.

(Is there any other city
Whose sewers, cabs, commuters
Can make a hotdog
Look so good?)

Nine years old
Or eleven, maybe
I followed  Dad from work
To Penn Station.

In miserable white stockings
And patent shoes too big.
November, ice-rain, bitter
It soaked me to my knees.

I hugged a whim, unspoken,
It fueled my frozen feet.
"For years" I thought "I've wanted
A pretzel from the street."

I Didn't ask.
I Never would
I Didn't know
I could.

By magic, or luck,
Dad read my cow-licked thoughts. 
"You want mustard?"
Of course (and a napkin, please).

And so a girl learned
That a pretzel from the cart
Tastes like being thirsty
In the rain.

That the joy lives
In the smell alone
And not the dry work
Of chewing

While walking
And trying to keep up
With a daddy long-legs
Racing for the train.

We had to get home
To meatloaf
Dry clothes.
And school the next day.

Looking back,
I can appreciate
That real pretzels
Come with beer.

But at the time,
For Mom's sake,
I was glad
We caught the train.