Fall Leaves Fine Art Watercolor Painting, now a print on Etsy! And some words about Fall

Autumn, I suppose, looks different to different people. Heck, it looks different to ME depending on my mood from day to day.

Sometimes, fall is pure splendor. The leaves, determined to go out with a bang, give their best show of the year, dazzling me with colors I forgot possible in a tree.  Each day, the scene is different. Blink, and you might miss it all. The whole spectacle sets my heart aflame.

On other days -- the tired days, the shadowy, bedraggled, unglamorous days -- fall looks like decay. Dry brown leaves skitter crassly across the pavement, blown by a mean and biting wind. It feels like the doors are closing for the year. It's as if all growth, both in nature and in myself, must cease until Spring; like I'm being thrust into involuntary hibernation. Sunsets, which were glorious in summer, now feel like cruel endings to days far too short. 

Then, with enough sleep, I'm back to life in high spirits. I am, you see, a bouncy ball in Autumn. My heart soars. I glow like the leaves, dappled in golden light. Then I wake filled with an unexplainable sadness so big I can't breathe.  The shadows in my periphery are enormous, tangible, opaque. I make breakfast, and in doing so, strain my eyes.

No, no, let's not get too bleak. Overall, Fall is glorious, and a gift to all us living, feeling earth people.  It wields a certain magic -- the power to magnify passions, high and low. Hope, joy, curiosity, peaceā€¦these feelings burn as bright as the leaves, more vibrant than they've been all year. By the laws of nature, such strong light makes equally intense shadows. But it's worth it for the perspective -- the invigorating contrast -- that it gives.

And let's not forget the way the autumn light affects life's happy memories. The golden tones make nostalgia particularly grand.

Which is what this painting is all about:


It came from a day I remember vividly: an October morning at the park, jumping in leaf piles with my toddler niece. I felt overwhelmed by her exuberance, and marveled at her delight in life's simple, good things.

Anyway, I broke out the watercolors and preserved the memory of the light and the leaves that day. And now you can buy a print on Etsy! (The original is up for sale, too). Hang it on your wall. Revel in your own dappled memories of fall. https://www.etsy.com/listing/563008223/fall-leaves-watercolor-print-maple

And thank you, as always, for stopping by to say hello.