Latest from my Etsy Shop: "Winter Thoughts" Illustration prints!


How are you holding out this winter? Hopefully you've been embracing the season and keeping snuggly and warm. Have you been braving the outdoors for some sledding, skating, or skiing? Or have you opted for staying indoors celebrating all things "hygge"?

If you want to REALLY get your "winter" game on, you should check out my latest addition to my Etsy shop -- the beloved, original pen and ink illustration "Winter Thoughts", now available as a fine art print!

Click image to see the print in my shop.

Click image to see the print in my shop.

It's a tribute to the tiny things that scroll through my brain during the bleakest months of the year -- the things that keep my spirits up, my heart warm, and my feet grounded. So take a look, and buy one for yourself and a friend! Or don't buy any, but I hope you enjoy looking, anyway :)